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Great Products to Help Through Chemo!




I scour the internet, magazines etc. to find the latest and greatest products and information to bring out the aesthetic beauty that is screaming to shine! Do I care if they have competing products?" No--Why? Blinkies Eyelashes are the unique, and premium eyelashes for people with Cancer, and Alopecia but really everybody loves them! How can anyone compete when we are 100% unique!?  We want to be the hub for you to find all that you'll need to boost your natural confidence and lets your beauty shine! Don't believe us? Check out our specials and meet a brand new you! 

If you're looking for all kinds of great companies that cater to you please read the article that I recently stumbled upon! Fashionable products for chemo patients and people experiencing hair loss!


Are you going through Chemotherapy? Or actively experiencing hairloss? If so, these are in no doubt some of the hardest times you've likely faced in your lifetime, but probably some of the most blessed. We love that people care, but we hate the pity that sometimes comes along with it. Sometimes we just want to get up and prove to everyone (and ourselves) that we're stronger than our current circumstance...Why don't we? 


I have worked with countless patients fighting the effects of cancer and alopecia, and the truth of the matter is that even though my friends are hands down the most beautiful people (inside and out) that I've ever been blessed to meet, they don't feel pretty while fighting their battles. I have loved doing my small part to change that through custom traditional hair pieces, highly intricate extensions/ hair enhancements, but now through Blinkies Cosmetics I'm able to help more people everyday than I would have ever imagined! 

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Live Beautifully, As Nature Intended,