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Chris' Corner (FAQ's)

       chris-gable-blinkies-founder.png    'Answers in the blink of an eye' (maybe not that fast)

The driving force for inventing Blinkies was to find a way for false eyelashes to stay on bare eyelids that didn't have a base of natural lashes to rest upon. Regular false or fake eyelashes, found worldwide, do not offer this benefit. If you're someone without natural lashes, you may share in this frustration. 

We understand that cosmetics are very personal, and it can be scary to try something new, we want to make sure that your questions do not go unanswered, and that you are reassured in your investment.

Feel free to send us a quick note you have a question (located at the bottom of this page) or email us directly at care@blinkiesonline.com. If it's 'Frequently Asked', you may find it on the page to help other people just like you! 




What makes Blinkies Signature Eyelashes better than regular false eyelashes? 


In short, Blinkies Signature False Eyelashes are the only false eyelashes on the market with a built-in eyeliner. This means that Blinkies can be more accurately placed making application much easier because the lash base (eyeliner) covers more skin on the eyelid compared to conventional string lashes. They are quick, and easy to apply, and best of all, re-usable!

In addition to the patent pending built-in eyeliner, Blinkies Signature False Eyelashes are a highly premium product made of hand-tied, hand-trimmed, feathered, high grade 100% human hair. 



 Chris, are Blinkies truly easy to apply? Why? 


Yes, They are very easy to apply. If you've never worn false eyelashes it may take you 1-2 trial runs to get the fit and comfort you're looking for but that is the same with trying on any article of clothing too! 

If you've ever applied regular false or fake eyelashes, you know how hard it can be to get the eyelash adhesive to stick properly. 

How does Blinkies Make it easy?

1) Blinkies Patent-Pending Built-In Eyeliner, when flexed in a 'U' shape to better mold to your eye, makes application easier by eliminating the guess work AND eliminates the need to apply eyeliner (it already has it!) 

2) We recommend using DUO eyelash adhesive (if you're not allergic to latex) because we think it's the very best adhesive available. That's why it's included in the Blinkies Signature Sets! 

Allergic to latex? we have searched long and hard for a good latex-free adhesive, have found it, and finally carry it: Ardell's Brush-On Adhesive



Are Blinkies easy to remove? 


Yes, however it is important to follow the directions. Being a premium product, and where more durable than most, they are still some-what delicate. To ensure Blinkies remain in the beautiful wearing condition we stress the importance of carefully taking them off, just as you would with a nice cashmere sweater. See: Blinkies Eyelash Care Instructions


I have had many issues with removing eyelash glue. What gives? Is it easier to remove glue from Blinkies?


It is no magic, it's all in the process. You wiil find a better explaination in the Blinkies Eyelash Care Instructions, but essentially, you remove the eyelashes, set them in the eyelash tray overnight, and gently roll off the glue in the morning.

What makes it easier with Blinkies is that there is more of a base to roll off the glue, and letting the glue cool off from your body heat makes it much easier to roll off. 



Can I leave them on overnight? 


We do not recommend sleeping with your eyelashes on.

1. Your skin produces natural oils that if left on at all times could eventually reduce the staying (holding) power of the adhesive in some duration of time.

2. Bacteria build-up under the eyeliner may cause unsafe health conditions for the eye

3. Most importantly, to all of you side and stomach sleepers, sleeping with your lashes could result in you finding yourself shrieking in the night thinking there is a deadly spider on the pillow case ;-)



These eyelashes are more expensive than many other eyelashes, I see the value, but will I have to buy them over and over again? 


It all depends on how you take care of them. Again, just like a nice sweater, if you take care of it you will be able to wear, and re-wear all the time. These are not high maintenance, just follow the directions and you will be fine.

Most of the people who email me having had problems, or even worse, destroying their lashes, have admitedly claimed they assumed these were just like any eyelash, and failed to follow the directions. Remember, these are not meant to be disposable, we make these with care, to help you 'live beautifully' with many wears ;-)  

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