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We are so blessed to be in the business we are in. To be able to wake up in the morning, and build a product that has the power to support people through the toughest and most diverse of battles! We are humbled and grateful of the fact that our daily efforts contribute to positively impacting people's lives in a manner which lasts long after the initial point of sale. 

We do not spend money on big marketing campaigns or elaborate SEO strategies, rather we rely on word of mouth and the power of your testimony. Our success thus far has been built on this foundation, and before the internet this is exactly how we operated. Feel free to Leave your tesimony, and share your experience whether through the message box at the bottom, an email, a picture or a YouTube video testimony, we love em' all. Share your love for Blinkies Cosmetics and pay forward the gift of beauty and support! 


 Amy, from Oregon 

"I am a Blues singer in Portland, OR. and I have been using false eyelashes for years both for performances and personal use, both tops and bottoms. I am very picky with my cosmetics, and especially my false eyelashes! In comparison with the brands I normally buy at Sephora, Blinkies were comparably priced, and WAY better! I have never worn a more comfortable, longer lasting eyelash! Goodbye Urban Decay, hello Blinkies! Thank you so much for inventing these!

PS: I'm glad you recommended I purchase the Betsy and Taylor Complete Sets, the DUO Glue included in the set made it quick and easy to apply!"  


Amy is wearing Taylor B-213 Tops and B-501 Bottom Lashes



Hannah, from Australia 

"I live in Australia & searched high and low for these type of things and have fallen head over heels in love! HOW GOOD ARE THEY!!!

Guess which ones the Blinkies ~ one eye is mine one isn't!! I LOVE THEM!" 



Caroline, from The United Kingdom

"I wish I had tried them (Blinkies) 6mths ago!!! I thought they were the same (as regular string lashes) only that cost a little more than the usual false lashes but they are not! I was nearly giving up trying to have eyelashes then realized yours were the answer :)...finally...eyelashes that won't droop and they look real!! :):)"


Kat, from Connecticut

 "I just wanted to say thank you. I developed alopecia universalis 4 years ago, and no matter how good I got at applying my makeup to "hide" the fact that I had no lashes, my eyes just never looked right. I ordered Blinkies about a year ago, and for some reason never tried to put them on. Yesterday was my first try, and WOW!!! What a difference. I look "normal" again..I don't feel nervous getting up close and looking people in the eye. Thank you so much for this product..it truly has given me back a bit of the confidence that I have been missing." 

Click Here to see what eyelashes Kat loves!



Stephanie W, from South Carolina      


 "I have Alopecia I do not have any lashes so I wear these (Blinkies) lashes every day as if they were my own. You'd be surprised at how many people actually think they are my real lashes! Everyone always tells me that they cannot tell a difference. People are always so shocked to find out they aren't mine so whenever I am asked where I get them I always make sure to brag about Blinkies :)"


Click Here to see what eyelashes Stephanie loves!



Katrina, from California

 "I am 13 years old and lost my eyelashes about 1 year ago( when I was 12).  I have Alopecia Universalis.  I used eyeliner but it was not the same as having eyelashes.  I tried to use fake eyelashes, but it was a nightmare.  They were REALLY hard to put on and did not stay on all day.  It was also hard to make the drugstore eyelashes look natural without having my own as a base.  My mom discovered Blinkies through an Alopecia web site.  It took me a few days of practice to get it, but it was SO MUCH EASIER then the lashes I have tried before.  Now I wear the Blinkies lashes everyday and feel much better.    I am also in Musical Theater and everytime I had a performance, we'd have to get my eye make up done by an artist or I would have my mom put on my lashes.  Now I can just put them on myself.  This makes me feel much more confident.  It was a strange feeling to rely on someone else to be put together and to look good.  So to sum it up, I LOVE BLINKIES."




Sara, from Maryland  

   "I have a skin allergy that keeps me from having nice eyebrows. I had lost most of them within a week and I hated looking into the mirror and going out without having to pencil some eyebrows on my face. I ordered your product and I'm amazed. They were so easy to apply and they look so real. You can't even tell they are fake at all. I can't wait to go to work now just to show them off!! Thank you so much Blinkies."



Freida, from Pennsylvania

   " I couldn't wait until I got my order home.  I've had super thin eyelashes all my life and always had to wear false lashes.   Applying eyeliner was a bummer for sure!  Not so with Blinkies.  What a relief and I look great!  Thank you so much for this amazing product."


Sandy, from California

   "I thought this was a hoax!  I had never seen eyelashes with an eyeliner already on them.  Was I ever surprised when they arrived.  I've had 2 rounds of Chemotherapy and ended up like most going through it with no eyelashes. Blinkies stay on and work wonderfully for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I highly suggest others give them a try.  They look so natural.   They won't be disappointed."


Karen, from Arizona

  " I was born with Alopecia and hate having it!  I'm only 22 but I want to look feminine and Blinkies has helped do that for me.  They stay on and don't fall off like other eyelashes.  I'm so grateful to you guys. : 


Wanda, from Mississippi

  "My Mom bought me a pair of Blinkies for my birthday.  I just started losing my eyelashes last year due to Alopecia Areata.  I had never even heard of it until my Doctor diagnosed me.  I guess it's something you just live with.  I know people with worse things to deal with so I try not to complain too much.  The pair of Blinkies Mom bought for me are so awesome!  I look so much better and I feel better, too.  When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman.  Thank you so much."



Jen, from Oregon


  "This is without a doubt the best product to come out in years!  If you have allergies like I do, I rub my eyes constantly in the springtime.  My eyelashes have literally fallen out due to this.  Blinkies are the best!  They look so natural and real and I don't have to put on eyeliner - yeah!"


Liz, from Montana


"I really wasn't sure this was for me.  I only wear false eyelashes when we go out.  But when I got them home, I think they  look so real and I don't have to put on eyeliner!  My hubby is happy, too, 'cause I look sexier with them on."



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