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About Blinkies


Chris Gable, a 40+ year costmetology veteren, has spent much of her career helping her clients (which she endearingly holds as friends and family) fight the detrimental aesthetic, emotional, and psychological effects of 

- Surviving Chemotherapy,

- Living with and managing Alopecia, and Trichotillomania,

- And other conditions resulting in hair loss. 


The Blinkies Genesis: 

Through her continuous efforts to find innovative, practical, and affordable ways to help her clients, friends and family 'Live Beautifully', Chris has designed, built, and applied custom, affordable right sized hair pieces for both Female, and Male clients alike. Where the head is the first place most people are concerned with when experiencing hair-loss, another attribute commonly lost, and most often taken for granted, is the loss of eyelashes. 

For many years Chris had seen her friends and family struggle with not having natural eyelashes, and unable to use false eyelashes due to the fact that they would not adequately stay on. 

About 5 years ago, Chris, used the input of her friends and tested prototypes of the only false eyelashes with a built in eyeliner. Now known as Blinkies Signature False Eyelashes with a Permanent Built-In Eyeliner, Chris solidified her patent-pending design, and has made it available to everyone! 

Blinkies has helped thousands of people 'Live Beautifully' these last 5 years, and now the popularity, ease of use, and mere design has caught the mainstream 'eye'!- All pun intended ;-) Blinkies is and will always be known as the eyelash built for 'Chris' Friends' but Blinkies Cosmetics is excited to share these products with everyone seeking to look beautiful, quickly, easily, and affordably! 

Does it stop with Blinkies Signature Eyelashes? 

Not at all! Blinkies is constanly seeking out ways of making itself a 'one-stop shop' for all things related to helping people cosmetically and aesthetically conquer thier respective battles and celebrate life through innovative, collaborative, and affliated relationships and initiatives. In the coming year we are planning to carry more products, offer more support services, and increase our outreach! 

One example of sharing innovative efforts with our friends is in providing reference to a great company which provides an exemplary service to another facet of hairloss typically taken for granted Temporary Tatoo Eyebrows.  You may peruse thier products here: http://www.beauti-full-brows.com/