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Blinkies Fan Shares Story: Living with Alopecia & Finding the Perfect False Eyelash



Courtney Martzall Discovers Blinkies False Eyelashes with a Permanent Eyeliner! 

Courtney Martzall share her experience using Blinkies Cosmetics eyelashes with a permanent eyeliner! Courtney has been living with Alopecia since she was 7 years old. Nearly 13 years later, Courtney has discovered the product that was invented for people living with the effects of hair loss as a result of Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Cancer, Trichotillomania and other forms of hair loss!

This just goes to show that no matter how young or old we are, we all have something in common, the desire to feel and look as beautiful as we are! 

Share this link with your loved ones and help them continue living beautifully!

Great Products to Help Through Chemo!

  FEEL AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE!  I scour the internet, magazines etc. to find the latest and greatest products and information to bring out the aesthetic beauty that is screaming to shine! Do I care if they have competing products?" No--Why? Blinkies Eyelashes are the unique, and premium eyelashes for people with Cancer, and Alopecia but [...]

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Crash Course in Female Hairloss: Getting to the Root

Do you or someone you love have Alopecia? Trichotillomania? Chemotherapy? Hairloss you can't explain? We love to find good informative articles, videos etc. to share with everyone to eliminate the myths, increase understanding, and help each other know that we are not alone! This is a great article about female hair loss! Check it out! Do [...]

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Hi Friends! In case you haven't already checked out the great following we have on Facebook! 3200+ 'Likes' and counting, we'd love for you to share your Blinkies experience with us, and with everyone else on our Blinkies Cosmetics Facebook page!   PS: 'Like us' on Facebook, and use the Promo (Coupon) Code in May 9th's Post! [...]

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Grand Opening & Spring Sale is Here! You Can't Blink and Miss This!

DON'T BLINK AND MISS THIS! HUGE SALES: In addition to current sales simply spend $30 and get 10% the entire order!  CURRENT SALES:  Select Signature Blinkies Sets - $24! (20% OFF!) Select Eyelashes Only - $16! (20% OFF!   'LIVE BEAUTIFULLY, REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCE'

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